Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ben's Bubbly: Clusserath Weiler Riesling Trocken Sekt

Last week, Ben started to find his voice. He would babble and grunt and squeal while he played with his toys. He is also starting to understand he can move to get toys. While he has only put a roll or two together to get a toy, he is already spinning around on his stomach to reach objects at his side or just out of reach. He is doing so much now, I don't want to miss him learning any new tricks. Nevertheless, over the weekend I went to Boston and Cape Cod for a bachelor party. While it was incredibly fun to hang out with a group of friends that I have only seen once in the past five years, I missed my little guy. It is so satisfying now when Ben gets excited when he sees me after school or a long weekend away. It will make this weekend away for the Colorado Mountain Winefest a bit easier. Who knows, maybe next year he'll be able to make the journey with me!

Clusserath Weiler Riesling Trocken Sekt, Mosel, Germany

This week's sparkler is something a bit different. This sparkling riesling was produced by the traditional winzersekt method (méthode champenoise). It is bright yellow, almost like Mt. Dew, but without the neon glow. It has a very floral nose with notes of pears and apples. The palate is quite different than most bubbly. I tasted Meyer lemons, nectarine and golden delicious apples in this viscous but not syrupy sparkler. It has a long, slightly nutty finish. Very interesting sparkling winzersekt riesling worth a try. 12% abv Purchased $13. Very Good

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