Ratings Guide

What is the difference between a wine that scores 89 and one that scores 90? How about a 99 pointer and 100? I don’t know and I bet most people can’t tell the difference! That is why Colorado Wine Press does not try to make such minute distinctions. I will try to explain how I experience each product in prose (or maybe the occasional poem), but if you want a quick and easy classification hear is what my ratings mean:

Flawed bottles will not be rated; a replacement bottle will be tasted.

Below average: The wine is poorly made and not recommended.
Average: An acceptable everyday wine. Nothing wrong with the wine but nothing special.
Good: An above average wine. Not something to seek out but worthy of a taste.
Very Good: A wine that will impress your friends. Buy a few bottles for yourself too!
Excellent: The best the wine world has to offer. A wine that you will remember for a long time. Buy as much as your checkbook will allow.