Submit Samples

Samples are humbly accepted. If you’re a winery, distributor, marketer, or public relations representative and would like Colorado Wine Press to consider reviewing your wines or other wine-related products, please email me at ColoradoWinePress@gmail.com. Please include technical data with all production notes and vintage information, suggested retail price and a list of distributors and states where your wine is currently available either with the samples, or in electronic form via e-mail.

While Colorado Wine Press does accept samples, the majority of the wines reviewed have been purchased at retail and I rarely solicit samples (it’s not as if the UPS guy is constantly knocking at my door). All wines, samples and purchased, are tasted both blind and non-blind. I also attend some trade and media events and disclose when I write about wines from those events. But the main focus of wine reviews remains wines that I have purchased and tasted in my home, almost always with food. All samples received for free, will be identified as such. While not to the exclusion of wines from other areas, Colorado Wine Press tries to focus on the wines, wineries, and vineyards of Colorado. I do not have any financial stake in any wine retailer, winery, distributor, or importer.

Finally, Colorado Wine Press reserves the right not to review the wines (and other products) received. If you have any questions, please email me at ColoradoWinePress@gmail.com.