Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who says you can't drink while expecting?

The French know it. The Italians know it. Americans still don't seem to get it. A glass or two of wine per week will not adversely affect the development of a fetus. Last week, Wine Spectator summarized a new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health on the subject of alcohol consumption and pregnancy. The study investigated the cognitive abilities of over 11,500 British three-year old children and compared the alcohol consumption of the mothers while they were pregnant. While most (94%) of the mothers reported drinking while not pregnant, only half drank during their pregnancy. The researchers found that children born to light drinkers (1-2 drinks per week) were were not any more likely to have developmental difficulties and 30% less likely to have behavioral problems than teetotalers. Meanwhile, children of heavy drinkers (more than 7 drinks per week) were more likely to have developmental and behavioral problems.

Because my wife is pregnant (16 weeks now!), my wine consumption has dramatically decreased from a glass or two per night to a glass or two per week. Not only do we drink less frequently now, my wife's wine glass has shrunk. On the occasions she does drink a glass of wine, she sips from our little dessert glasses and has about half a glass per serving with dinner.

Here's to a healthy pregnancy and still being able to enjoy wine!

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