Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wine Blog Awards 2011

Wine blogs have become part of the mainstream wine media, and in fact there are more blogs than glossy magazines. Like this site, most bloggers write for the love and pure enjoyment of it. Sure, the occasional sample bottle or two is fun to receive but most of us are not officially compensated for our writing. Recognition is not measured in dollars and cents but by Twitter followers, Facebook likes and reader comments. There are a few organizations that seek to acknowledge the cream of the blogger crop and yesterday, the 2011 Wine Blog Awards nomination period began and will close May 31. The fifth annual Wine Blog Awards are now perhaps the most recognized resource for showcasing excellence in wine blogging. The winners are announced live each year at the North American Wine Bloggers Conference which will be held this year in Charlottesville, VA in July. Many wine enthusiasts eagerly nominate their favorite blogs with the hopes of helping them earn blogger street cred. Without nominating myself, as a few other bloggers have conspicuously done, here are my nominations for each category. I suggest that you nominate your favorite wine blogs, too!

Best Overall Wine Blog: 1winedude.com

Best New Wine Blog: terroirist.com

Best Writing on a Wine Blog: blog.wblakegray.com

Best Winery Blog: mesaparkvineyards.wordpress.com

Best Single Subject Wine Blog: coloradowino.com

Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog: dirtysouthwine.com

Best Industry/Business Wine Blog: fermentation.typepad.com

Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photography, and Presentation: swirlsmellslurp.com


  1. Congratulations to the winners. 1winedude deserves to be awarded the Best Overall Wine Blog. His site is a gold mine of information about wine. He takes wine education to a different level with his humor and entertainment.

  2. terroirist.com is a wine blog that I most appreciate among the winners. The "terrorist" really did a great job in editing and giving justice to the wines presented.

  3. All of the winners are excellent blogs. Joe's and David's sites are two of my favorites.


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