Monday, June 27, 2011

Ben's Bubbly: 2006 Gruet Winery Blanc de Blancs

As Ben nears the three month mark, his personality is getting almost as bubbly as the wine we drink in his honor. He loves interacting with us by cooing and smiling. He plays with rattles and other toys in his crib, but he really loves to show off his new motor skills to us while we watch him kick, bat and wiggle his way around the caged bed that will hold him for the next few moons. This week he also had another play date with his crew from mommy's work where he participated in his first game of soccer as a sort of opening act for the U.S.A. vs. Mexico Gold Cup championship game. He even wowed his buddy's visiting grandmother from Costa Rica with his ability and desire to stand up (with the support of mom or dad, of course). Despite his strong legs, I hope that he does not inherit his mom's early walking!

I think each of the dads had more fun than the unwitting foosball players, though the outcome of the Gold Cup could have been a bit better.

2006 Gruet Winery, Blanc de Blancs, New Mexico

Keeping with the loose idea of trying sparkling wine from various parts of the world, this week we stayed close to home and picked a bottle from the heralded wine state of New Mexico. This wine is a pale yellow and yields beautiful streams of tiny and eager bubbles. Bright citrus flavors are met with tropical fruits, sweet green apples and a slight toasty/nuttiness. In the mouth the acidity provide a tart contrast to the flavors of apple preserves on a toasted bagel. All of the Gruet I've had in the past has been an exceptional value for the price and this vintage bottling is elegant, complex and worth trying. 12% abv Purchased $26. Very Good (tasted 7/23/11)

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