Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ben's Bubbly: Gruet Winery Demi-Sec

I spent most of the past week in California, as a judge for the NextGeneration Wine Competition. The competition was organized by Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine and judged by a group of  Millenials (under 35-yrs old for this competition). It was a good time and I will have more on the event and the several wineries and tasting rooms that I visited during my free time in coming posts.

In the four days I was gone, it seems like Ben has grown so much. He is now sitting up without any help from us or other objects. However, he doesn't stay up for too long as he is extremely grabby and wants anything within an arm's (or dive's) reach. This means he is getting harder to hold on to and we can't leave him out of our view for more than a few seconds. Unfortunately, his sleeping schedule is still not getting any better either. He's still only sleeping for about 3 hours at a time and he fights his naps during the day. He starts daycare this week, so we're hoping that playing with his friends will tire him out!

Before I left, we opened a New Mexico sparkler from Gruet as I thought I would be tasting mostly California wines. I still don't know 90% of the labels that I tasted, but looking at the rows of open bottles after everything was finished, there were lots of labels from Virginia, New York, and Washington. I even spied a few from Wisconsin, South Dakota and New Jersey.

NV Gruet Winery Demi-Sec

While you won't confuse these New Mexican wines with a true Champagne, I continue to be impressed with what Gruet is producing. Semi-sweet demi-sec wines are rare when compared to their more popular brut cousins, but a welcomed change of pace. This bottle yields light aromas of tangerine and shortbread. Granny Smith apple, lime sherbert and sugar cookie rounds out the palate. The sugar is noticeable, but this wine is not at all sweet. Be aware of this if you're planning on drinking this as a dessert wine, because it is not. 12% abv Purchased $12. Good/Very Good

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