Monday, December 19, 2011

Ben's Bubbly: Domaine le Capitaine Vouvray Methode Traditionelle Brut

Ben just keeps getting cuter each week. One of his new things is sharing. He loves offering his Cheerios or water bottle to us as we feed him. He gets super excited when we gladly accept his goodies. One of his new food goodies is tofu. We dice up the tofu into pea-sized cubes and dust them with crumbled Cheerios to make them easier to grab. While he enjoys eating the tofu, he also loves throwing it and smashing it on his high chair tray. He is really enjoying feeding himself and often ends up with the spoon in one hand and food from ear to ear and hair to chin.

Domaine le Capitaine Vouvray, Methode Traditionelle Brut

Yes, France makes sparkling wine outside of the Champagne region. This sparkling Vouvray is made from 100% chenin blanc (as is all Vouvray, still or sparkling). This wine is a lovely golden color and has fine bubbles. The nose is a bit richer than Champagne with notes of honey, baked pear, and orange blossom. The flavors are equally unique. The minerality and acidity combine to yield a pleasant saltiness, along with flavors of rye bread and orange marmalade. This is not going to be confused with top-notch bubbly, but at a fraction of the price it is a tasty alternative.12.5% abv Purchased $16 Good


  1. Alain and his brother Christophe are personal friends of mine. They have a great vineyard...situated on some of the best land in the appellation of Vouvray in the village of Rochecorbon. They are great to visit with and enjoy showing off their amazing cellar...a genuine cave. Over 200,000 bottles of Vouvray resting quietly when I was last there in October. Enjoy...cheers, Dave...Select Wine Journeys, www.selectwinejourneys.com

  2. Happy to forward a picture of their amazing cave/cellar if that is of interest to you! www.selectwinejourneys.com

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting. I would enjoy seeing a photo of the cave.


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