Monday, January 30, 2012

Ben's Bubbly: Perrier-Jouët

Last week was rough; Ben came down with a fever at school and got sent home. I hung out with him the next day since he couldn't go back for 24 hours. I rearranged my scheduled (and by rearrange I mean I stayed home and attended a meeting that I had via Google+ Hangout) to care for the ill one. He took a super long nap that coincided perfectly with my work meeting. One side effect of his long morning naps (he's had a few this week when he's been home with me) is that he doesn't take an afternoon nap. I enjoy the extra time hanging out with him, but I think I am really going to miss the extra afternoon hours of being able to get work done. C'est la vie.

Champagne Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut

Back to Champagne we go this week. When people talk about how rare Champagne is, they don't know what they're talking about. Perrier-Jouët is a large négociant from Épernay that produces twice as much wine annually as the entire state of Colorado. So, this one winery is twice as big as one hundred Colorado wineries put together. Think about that. Most Champagne is produced in this industrial fashion, and to Terry Theise, I'm surprised it is as good as it is being an industrial product. I have nothing against Perrier-Jouët, they make perfectly palatable wine. Their Belle Epoque (often called the flower bottle) is highly sought by Champagne aficionados. The Grand Brut is their basic non-vintage cuvée. The label is imprinted with the flowers of its more famous relative and is quite eye catching. The first thing I notice on the nose is loads of red fruit. Apples, raspberries and even strawberries  intrigue even before the first sip. Once you get the glass to your mouth, the acidity slaps you back in your seat. The yeasty flavors are more apparent on the palate, but the fruit is still there. Who ever says Champagne isn't a food wine is also wrong. This wine needs food to help tone down the almost too tart acids. You won't spend a lot of time contemplating this wine, but it was a nice accompaniment to dinner. 12% abv Purchased $26 Good

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