Friday, February 6, 2015

Ben's Blush: 2012 Arnot-Roberts Rosé

Having a young child can make dining out an infrequent occurrence. Just getting out the door can be a battle in its own right. Though Ben is usually well behaved and a great eater at restaurants, there is always a chance of a tantrum and we have to bring something to keep him occupied while we wait for the food to arrive. A few days ago, we decided to go to The Wooden Table on the spur of the moment. We asked Ben if he wanted to put some "fancy" clothes on to go out. He eagerly replied that he wanted to wear his dress. Well, his dress is just a tie-died adult t-shirt that my wife made for him, but still probably not the most appropriate attire for fine dining. We gently redirected his fashion instincts towards wearing his Bruce Wayne bow tie. After the brief battle, we set out for a very nice evening at the restaurant with out dapper little gentleman.

However, we felt a little bad that he really wanted to wear his dress at a fancy dinner. So, the next night we brought the restaurant experience home. I printed up a menu with a variety of choices for Ben to choose. I acted as the waiter and took his order (I was also the chef and made a pretty tasty butternut squash and pumpkin sausage risotto). Dinner was served over three separate courses. And, best of all, Ben got to wear his fancy dress (and some impressive Frozen slippers). Mom and Dad shared a bottle of Arnot-Roberts Rosé.

Arnot-Roberts 2012 Luchsinger Vineyard Rosé, Clear Lake AVA 

Rosé is often considered a wine that shouldn't, or can't, be aged. Typically, pink wines are released and consumed just a few months after harvest, hence the Spring wine cliché. I suppose many rosés won't necessarily improve with age, but some might hang on or even transform after a few years in the bottle. The 2014 version is about to be released, but this 2012 is still in the prime of its life. This blend of 80% touriga nacional and 20% tinta cão still tastes fresh. It is the color of a brand new penny. The fruit flavors are preserved with some good strawberry and watermelon characteristics. There is also a lovely savory quality in the form of basil and thyme. Best of all, and why it will still be good for a few more years, it offers satisfying acidity that makes the wine go down all too fast. 12.5% abv. Purchased $22. Very Good/Excellent

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