Friday, February 27, 2015

Gary Vaynerchuk gets back into the wine game...

The 2015 edition of Premiere Napa Valley saw a fundraising record for the Napa Valley Vintners. PNV15 also saw the return of Gary Vaynerchuk to Napa on the ninth anniversary of the first episode of WineLibraryTV. Gary helped his father successfully bid on 11 lots (840 bottles) to a tune of $377,000 ($449 per bottle). Gary energetically tasted with vintners during the barrel tasting prior to the auction and frequently posted selfies to Twitter (without the aid of a selfie-stick). I caught up with Gary briefly after the auction to discuss WineLibary's purchases and the possible return of WineLibraryTV.

Wine Library's Gary and Sasha Vaynerchuk at Premiere Napa Valley 2015

Kyle Schlachter: Did you have fun?

Gary Vaynerchuk: I had a blast!

KS: why did you decide to come out this year?

GV: You know, I've been missing, uh, I've been missing the wine world a little bit. It felt like a worthwhile event to come out to. And, uh, the timing worked with my schedule. And my dad and the rest of the... [someone interrupts us to give Gary a hug]... Uh, and I just had a wonderful time! It was super fun to be back and I saw 40 people I haven't seen in 10 years and lots of others. You know, I'm getting old now. Today is the nine-year anniversary of the first episode of WineLibraryTV.

KS: I saw you Tweet that.

GV: So, a lot of people came up to me...now I really feel old! People were coming up to me saying they got into wine because of the show. It was a little bit of a homecoming.

KS: Are you going to get back into the show at all?

GV: You know, it's something that's running through my mind. I'll never be able to do it everyday, but it's running through my mind. The old Jets spit bucket is itching at me a little bit. So, we'll see...

KS: So, tell me about the Fairchild. Why did you go for that wine so hard?

GV: I thought it was the best wine at the tasting. It was by far the best wine we tasted. And, uh, as I've been spending my time over the past six-to-nine months getting back into it, and tasting some of his stuff, just in general it seems like there is something brewing there. It was the best wine. It was the right time. The lots were going in our favor. We were spending under on three or four of the lots before it came up, so it made us feel like we were in position to make a run at it.

KS: Did you thinking you had the top lot when you went to $100,000?

GV: I did. I'm fucking pissed. You can quote me on that.

KS: Oh, I will! Thank you and it was good to meet you.

GV: Such a pleasure. I wish you well. Take care of yourself.

Is Gary reserving a seat to reboot WineLibraryTV?

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