Friday, March 25, 2016

Beatrice's Blushes: Lightning Rosé

16" of snow...
I'm sure if you turned on your television in the past two days you saw that the Denver metro area was inundated by snow on Wednesday. You got to love Colorado weather; Monday and Tuesday both saw high temperatures of 70 °F and then we were graced with 16" of snow on Wednesday between 4 am and 4 pm. At the peak of the storm, with visibility down to a maybe 100 m and winds pushing 40 mph my whole family ventured to a nearby park to play in the snow. Bea was strapped to mom and took a nap in the blizzard while Ben and I had a good wrestling match in the snow. Yesterday, it was almost 50 °F and most of the snow on the roads melted away! Such is life in Colorado.

Lightning 2015 Rosé
While too many people think of rosé as only a springtime wine, I think it is great anytime of the year and perfect with more than a foot of snow on outside! So, last night we cracked open a bottle of Lightning 2015 Rosé (13.8% abv, Sample $22) of Grenache to have with our grilled lemon pepper turkey breast dinner. I had not had the pleasure of tasting Lightning Wines before, but am definitely looking forward to tasting more in the future. Lightning focuses on producing Grenache - along with a few other Rhône cultivars for good measure. This just-released rosé wine is a blend of Grenache from El Dorado, Lake and San Benito counties. The beautiful new label really makes the bubblegum pink color of the wine really pop. It really was a fun and delicious wine. It is intriguingly fruity, floral and spicy on the nose. There are a prominent watermelon, cherry, apple, and white pepper flavors in abundance. It is kind of like a dry, spicy Hawaiian Punch for adults. We gulped it down pretty easily and I can only imagine that consumption rate would increase on a warm afternoon outside in the sunny while tending barbecue on the grill.


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